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New beginnings

A Spark

-Rupi Kaur Even if you are labelled as unworthy even if you are dragged into the dark even if you despise your own weakness even if you are beaten in body in mind in spirit Even if your mind unravels... Continue Reading →

Promised Land

A seedling grows in the corner of my mind in the promised land ©Vivian Zems Haiku Horizons- Grow

New Beginnings

New beginnings arrive like dawn leaving yesterday's literary of yore shedding light on (to) day and morrow the gift of do-overs back to the future ahead of myself  ©Vivian Zems (#cherita) Angie hosts Real Toads today and would like us to write... Continue Reading →

A Throne for A King

Richard was ecstatic. He'd just picked up his 'Russian bride ', and they were headed home; their home. Valentina  smiled shyly. Her English was stilted, but still fairly good. He knew that she would overlook ... Finish the story in Tales... Continue Reading →

Making New Friends

Mired thoughts Whirring in her mind Cascading Dark abyss Depression her only friend When will it all end? By sheer will Turning her mind off She rallies Fighting back Friendships can come to an end Time to make new ones... Continue Reading →

Cowboys and Angels

  Kendra felt drained. A 9- hour shift tends to do that to you. As she went to put her key in the lock, the door swung open to reveal Mark, her husband. "Oh darling!" He exclaimed, pecking her on... Continue Reading →

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