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Mama Bear

I love the mystery of not knowing the secret power embraced in this frame Of engaging in a moment that has already slipped into the past but lies captured before me Not knowing the depth of Mama bear’s aura that... Continue Reading →

Life Lessons

“It is life’s work to recognise the mystery of the obvious” Jim Harrison- Songs of Unreason   ....and as a hot sun beats but doesn't burn and angry oceans pummel stoic rocks  -so life rears its fist at our very beings... Continue Reading →

Back To The Future

Dear Viv, Try not to scream when you read this It's from future-you to present-me Take heed, these words-do not dismiss Pay close attention-so your eyes see In three days you will play the lottery The numbers you use will... Continue Reading →

No Answers

tomorrow looms to be or to be no more? I pick a card shoulda-coulda-woulda fallen chips lie silent yesterday's gone ©Vivian Zems (# Yügen-Haiku) Yügen is usually defined as "mystery" and "unknowable depth" Carpe Diem Haiku Kai ~ Weekend-Meditation #18... Continue Reading →

Ocean Thoughts

Bubbling with life Foamy waters cover earth Ocean mystery ©Vivian Zems Haiku Horizons~Ocean


A lift A sigh A storm A swirl of desire A charge of power Such is the mystery of new feels A road with no fringes A list with no end An awakened star Such is the struggle- but not-... Continue Reading →

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