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A Poem about A Poem

This is a poem about an unborn poem. It’s been rattling around in my soul for over a week now. I know it’s about faith in place of fear and it involves the Red Sea. ( I’m currently reading the... Continue Reading →

Observations during a Lunchbreak

A tree stares in disbelief at an axe with an unsharpened edge Unsure if its fate is to be beaten rather than chopped to death before giving birth to tables and chairs A pavement recoils in disgust that weeds and... Continue Reading →

The ‘Now’

Step after step as I walk on the earth Hard, soft, wet or dry It's still the same and I can't fathom that one day I'll return to it I banish the thought and focus on the sun's warmth and... Continue Reading →

Steak Dinner

Why is it that fear and pain tend to go together -much like red wine and steak? I don't think they quite like each other but seem to need one another always shouting "I've got your back!" (to each other)... Continue Reading →

Rich Man’s Musings

Would you still love me If I had no money If I had no means Would you still love me If there was no gain If all I had to offer Was my misery and pain My heart muses Heavy... Continue Reading →

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