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Sunday Muse #76

Day 3: Just Notes

My feet offer no resistance neither do my limbs protest My ears begin their dance as my heart thumps at its behest My soul hums along as notes wash over me That's music- my friend as it was always meant... Continue Reading →

Bitter-Sweet Symphonies

“What beauty in this the darkest music over which you can hear the lightest music of human behavior, the tender connection between men and galaxies.” from Warbler / Dead Man’s Float   Believe in yourself  Throw on a raincoat  when the... Continue Reading →

Avidity… !New Song!

I've used my poem "My Shovel And I" to create the lyrics for Avidity . I hope you like it! (Performed by Zoolon) When life throws up roadblocks I don't sit around feeling sorry for myself or letting the... Continue Reading →


"So hot the struggle for a spot that it is won" A quote from The Ballad Of The Proverbs - François Villon Life- with its backhand slaps with its flashes of brilliance with its combat boots -isn't for the faint... Continue Reading →

!New Song Release- “Because I’ve Found My Voice”

I'm so chuffed to announce that the video ( a rather simple one) for my latest song is finally ready. The last poem in my book "Waxing Lyrical"- are the actual lyrics to this song. I was privileged to give... Continue Reading →


It seemed like we were always dancing though the music was sometimes too fast and sometimes a little too slow and sometimes we hardly heard it at all These were times I craved the most you'd try to turn the... Continue Reading →

Tugging Notes

Beating drums Strings follow Joining sounds Making mellow Tempo picking Racing nearer Heartbeats follow Reaching a crescendo Sax's wail With hands over eyes Tugging at us As our spirits rise ©Vivian Zems Today we write jazz poetry with Amaya who hosts... Continue Reading →

Their Song

  "Lydia!" exclaimed Hugh, "Look at my old shoes." "They bring back memories ....... Finish the story in Tales in Teacups Copyright 2017- Vivian Zems Friday Fictioneers Image by Sarah Potter

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