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Mischief and The Muse

Though I'd vowed to cut my poetry -writing to once a week, Kerry's wordlist on Instagram was irresistible. I didn't have the time to write, but my muse thought different- so I've written about that.    When caged words lie... Continue Reading →

THAT Moment

There was a day, an hour and a moment when my muse was unlocked and I began to write. I remember the euphoria...indeed, I relive it each time I re-arrange words in my mind...(the exception being when filling in forms....yuck!).... Continue Reading →

Impatient Poems

A poem taps at my chest trying to get out It taps again, then begins to shout I search for my muse she's silent- perhaps it's a ruse It begins stamping its feet not backing down or considering retreat This... Continue Reading →

Recharge Required

Shadorma- my task for today I'm thinking I'm musing with not a clue what to say Some days are just so Poetry must be inspired from dreams and deep visions But my muse wants a recharge so, I'll let her... Continue Reading →

Disobedient Words

I'm fighting a very bad case of first in 5 years! Writing has become difficult - as my words just won't obey. So I've decided to write about that, instead. Words lie stagnant, unwilling to move neither cajoling nor... Continue Reading →

The Battlefield

(#Quadrille) Fertile battlefields A world without spice This abyss without borders The galaxy, it's distance Its wars must be won Well-being, a sign of victory   The mind is a battlefield Our muses ready to combat Fine threads in our... Continue Reading →

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