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Let’s Awaken The Dead

If we are to awakenthe dead in spiritthe bruised and numbedthe broken in mindthe quenched of hopeand the dashed of dreams….How many more books will be written?How many new songs will be composed?How many more works of art will be... Continue Reading →

So Much….

I've had my Dad on my mind lately. He was always there for a kind word and ...everything else. God rest his soul. There is so much pain when a person dies from the top of your head to the... Continue Reading →

The Truth Is Out There

Like a message in a bottle my truth floats out there.... somewhere never indicating if it will arrive to overtake the lies that applaud me proving once and for all I need not the Queen’s speech to vindicate me ©Vivian... Continue Reading →

Facing Life

You get but one life Don’t let life hammer you to gird your loins with fire into blind acceptance You get but one chance Question everything to catch that pendulum swing Don’t be mesmerised by ‘things’ as you smooth that... Continue Reading →

Nuturing Dreams

It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting It begins with peeling away layers of debris -with ascribing a true value to that which we call 'self' before looking for that partner that will stand by... Continue Reading →

As a Feather

I forget to be afraid feather heart, no longer weighed light seeps into healing wounds aah peace-no longer marooned ©Vivian Zems (#Tanaga) dVerse MTB- hosted By Frank Hubeny- to write one stanza of a Tanaga

Recharge Required

Shadorma- my task for today I'm thinking I'm musing with not a clue what to say Some days are just so Poetry must be inspired from dreams and deep visions But my muse wants a recharge so, I'll let her... Continue Reading →

Job Done!

A worthy seaman our Captain did well but failed to reach the promised land Like Jesus before created for a purpose for sure he fought and conquered and now he is no more Mayhaps fallen cold and dead but his... Continue Reading →

Melting Ice

Frozen still A block of ice remains Cold air flows A block of ice remains Arctic winds blow A block of ice remains Perchance sunlight's warmth Touches it's face Melting hubris to humility Perchance warm hands caress This block of... Continue Reading →

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