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Watching Moments

This was a relief. Being freed from editing my poetry book to respond to today's prompt; to write about this very moment. Now, what to write?....ok, I've got it. I can't hold onto time- not the present or the past.... Continue Reading →

Spoil Me

The word ‘spoil’ connotes negativity. Uh-uh!- not for me. I’ve never been enticed, nor impressed by material wealth. Where true riches lie are in those intangible moments and quality relationships that warm you up from the inside - you just can’t... Continue Reading →

A (Lovely) Day

Every morning is same..same...but different my eyes fly open..quick to embrace joy but only in a moment that hurries by -before the 'busy-ness' of Day bustles in -sweeping me up in its arms making me forget that the day itself... Continue Reading →

The ‘Now’

Step after step as I walk on the earth Hard, soft, wet or dry It's still the same and I can't fathom that one day I'll return to it I banish the thought and focus on the sun's warmth and... Continue Reading →

Shifting Sands

Shifting sands counting down my essence Days numbered down to nought just for me So I breathe thanking days with my ink ©Vivian Zems A tricube poem: 3 syllables, 3 lines in 3 stanzas. Real Toads Poetry Pantry #411

Finding Purpose

“The hardest part is when the river is too swift and goes underground for days on end”   ~Jim Harrison from Songs of Unreason Life flows in moments -rising at dawn, ebbing at sunset There are those in our dreams -forming snapshots... Continue Reading →

My Reward

Driving back from work, I glance in my rear-view mirror, and catch a most wondrous sight. A setting sun bathed in an orange glow. Surreptitious looks - like snapshots give me perspective and depth. I'm a collector of moments -... Continue Reading →

It’s You

 I see you watching me as I apply my makeup -some liner, a little lipstick As I head for my eyebrows I raise them quizzically You smile and shake your head slightly Ah! I see what this is! -a captured... Continue Reading →

Carpe Diem!

Time adorns itself with joys and sorrows galore Its pendulum swings- sweeping moments in tandem Observe!-As I swing along ©Vivian Zems (#Tanka) Poets United - Carpe Diem

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