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dreams of rich blue skies with four wheels ready to burn up an open road away from imposed lockdowns towards visions of freedom © Vivian Zems MLMM-photo challenge #310 Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge # Tanka Tuesday 

Swinging Free

....and so, I decided to swing going higher with each pass not daring to look below or around choosing to see the wood for the trees using crosswinds to propel me ever closer towards my dreams after's what you... Continue Reading →

I Dare You

When trapped within the barbed-wire fence of your thoughts  Do you search for hope through those perfect openings? Do you see the promised land beyond? If you just reach out with just a little faith and picture yourself soaring in... Continue Reading →

Ink that Flames

She dares anyone to tell her she's 'worthless' - such a constant refrain in her life that for awhile she mistook it for her actual name She now finds salvation in ink that flows -refusing to replace said ink with... Continue Reading →


This is how I feel when overwhelmed with hunger I cradle my food Inhaling its luscious scent kissing and caressing it Stretching this moment keeping my chow nice and warm Please, do not judge me If this meal were your... Continue Reading →


  It's not a chitty but when the birds arrive, bang! bang! bang! ©Vivian Zems MLMM Photo Challenge #206 Image by Vincent Bourilhon

His Art

Soul to soul spirit within spirit the threads of his being  ensconced within art mind over matter matter daubed in ink he contemplates his artistry  he pauses to think ©Vivian Zems Image by-  Michal Trpák MLMM photo challenge #193

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