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Wanted: Diligent Gardeners

To, daily, garden minds weeding out malice and planting love exchanging bad for good thoughts working inwards from the edge of reason Making sure said gardens are watered as rain on freshly mown grass or showers that water the earth... Continue Reading →

Day 2: Musings of the Mind

what are dreams but nuggets of the universe that wash up on the shores of our minds what are hopes but unseen desires we summon to stand on these same shores   ©Vivian Zems #NaPoWriMo 2019- National Poetry Month Challenge... Continue Reading →

A Sliver Of Hope

I see a woman approaching us Never mind that this is a dream She seems at ease but slightly lost Our eyes meet or so it may seem Her soul she bares at a great cost I am her, she is me, same team... Continue Reading →

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