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Micropoetry Month

The Big Sleep

When I go How will I know? Will my life flash before me? Timor mortis conturbat me Closing my eyes For the final time Will regrets come to plague me? Timor mortis conturbat me The hope I keep Is that... Continue Reading →

Feeding The Ego

Feeding this ego-a full time job Compliments and hails- it eats up "So handsome, so rich, so wise" But still- it wants some more "The best, the greatest" Unsatisfied This ego Wants some MORE!   ©Vivian Zems Micropoetry Month 29/30

A Higher Power

Poseidon's strength awes the earth Feared by all as God of the Sea Hearts fail as the earth quakes Now lies broken Trident smote by Trinity At the bottom of the sea ©Vivian Zems (#Cherita)  MLMM Photo Challenge #190 Ronovan... Continue Reading →

What happened?

  Leopards don't ever change their spots, or was I asleep when you changed yours? (#the American sentence) ©Vivian Zems Micropoetry Month 27/30 Paul Hosts dVerse tonight with the prompt being- Change American Sentences as a poetic form was Allen Ginsberg’s... Continue Reading →

Fractured Figures

Figures Lying broken Outside prayer places Humanity's ugliest face As yet ©Vivian Zems (#Cinqain) Micropoetry Month 26/30 November Writing Prompts 26/30 Image by Erika Farkas

Jumbled Words

This mimicks a reconstruction Conversation Within her head Ought to have said Out in the ether were her words Like flying birds Seeing just pain Now her domain Jumbled words were all she had then No scroll, no pen The... Continue Reading →

Curious Spirit

  (1) Curious spirit escaping Cloaked in dreams to be free Roaming memory's lane Reading the  knowledge tree (2) Its sojourn is brief Returning home with glee Fulfilled with inspiration Clearing her mind of debris ©Vivian Zems (#Naani) Micropoetry Month... Continue Reading →

Tan Renga

deep silence the shrill of cicadas seeps into rocks Maple trees sway in rhythm Leaves curl in summers heat Autumn's show ends Icicles take centre stage Ushering in winter soft winter breeze cherishes the last colorful leaves   The challenge... Continue Reading →

The Bookworm

Lying between sheets Lazily consuming thoughts Gorging to my fill Ruminating, pondering As only a book worm eats Images liven Breathless with increasing speed I follow these plots Imagining, wondering As only a bookworm lives (#Double Tanka)   ©Vivian Zems... Continue Reading →

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