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Day 14- Invisible Ink

Words strut and prance           dressed up in metaphors                   engaged in a dance                            ... Continue Reading →

Keys Of Truth

Poems are the keys to unlocking depth of feeling -revealing yearnings of the heart and freeing us from the rigid four-walled box of our minds And yet they often arrive wearing the invisible cloak of metaphors seeking the discerning spirit... Continue Reading →

Voice of My Soul

Give me a pen Give me some paper Tongue to my thoughts Voice to my whispers Screams to my fingers Pouring words from my soul Voice to my whispers Secrets I try to hold They won't stay buried Fighting back... Continue Reading →


(#Tanka) Metaphors cascade Dancing in time with  her soul Seeking an escape Settling on her blog pages Freedom found on fingertips  (C)- Vivian Zems Weekly Tanka Prompt #65- Dancing/Freedom


A monster in temper Rearing to unleash in anger Girding it's loins with the wind As skies roar A coiled spring Not waiting Not caring Growing stronger A leviathan Claiming it's prize Copyright - 2017 - Vivian Zems  For Bjorn’s Meet... Continue Reading →

The Watcher

(#Tanka) Stationed at her watch Roots embedded in her head Words flow from her mouth Translating these metaphors Life, she gives them, with her voice Copyright 2017- Vivian Zems Colleens Weekly Poetry Challenge -Voice and Watch #50  

Poetry In Motion

Floating Soaring on clouds Metaphors in my dreams Words, priceless pictures in my head Poems (#Cinqain) Copyright 2017- Vivian Zems Daily prompt- Priceless

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