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Once Upon a Song….

The Preamble: The challenge on dVerse poets is to begin a poem with 'once upon...' but NOT to use 'time'. So, I love links..and decided to personalise some of my favourite songs/artists. And here, I've linked Cher, GeorgeMichael, The Verve,... Continue Reading →

Journey of a Song

The journey of a song is without puzzle or deceit ...seeping between teeth ...falling away from pursed lips It may change in cadence and pitch but a melody remains true in that it never lies and a chorus echoes eternal... Continue Reading →

My Melody

(#Tanka) When I wind her up I feel my tears in shadow She breaks into song Melodious and haunting Her singing, a gift to me Copyright- 2017 Vivian Zems Colleen's Weekly Poetry Challenge #51-Gift/Song  

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