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Nostalgia on a Park Bench

A park bench daring to close just one eye -as history sidles up to me “Remember freedom? Without the handcuffs of the social-distance police in your periphery?” I sigh....... as freshly trapped air thrashes in the mesh of my mask... Continue Reading →

Lies, Smiles and Guiles

Hiding behind charming smiles covered by busy lives scars heal in their own time secrets swept away from the wise The lies come easy and sweet "I ran into a door" rolling off the tongue nice and neat "I grazed... Continue Reading →

The Tale of Two Faces

  My observations: She smirks- even with mask off she dares show her face And then I see her makeup and wonder what lies beneath I think I can guess -That smirk would have gone away -her eyes would dim... Continue Reading →

Courageous Heart

This internal chaos that runs wild in your mind This generating your own white noise It must be so painful and even more exhausting Your life is a gift that matters and worth every moment of joy be courageous put... Continue Reading →

Her Own Face

(#Quadrille) Finding her mask Invokes painful memories Of past tasks Ritual exhausting Facade always in place This mask, she throws away Free to live Free to forgive No hint of sadness Not even a trace All emotions, freely flitting Now... Continue Reading →

A Fine Shield (# Tanka)

Words, sweet as honey Such charm, flowing like fine wine Confident and brave Yet, it is a mask she wears Armour, to protect her core (A Tanka Poem) Copyright 2017- Vivian Zems Colleens-weekly-poetry-challenge #46-Tanka-honey-wine

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