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Day 26: No Words

  ©Vivian Zems #NaPoWriMo 2019- National Poetry Month Challenge [GRIEF] An excerpt from Verses of April

For My Ears Only

“I’ve spent a lifetime trying to learn the language of the dead” ~ Jim Harrison from Sister in  Songs of Unreason   Never your voice in my head but your whispering in my spirit Never a thesaurus to decipher the rustle of... Continue Reading →

And Stay Out!

I hear grief knocking on my door trying to get in I let him knock....and he does so incessantly I'm not falling for that again All he bears are misery and extreme pain The last time I opened that door... Continue Reading →

I Wait…

A knife makes its way into the pocket of a boy There's trouble in the streets I wait A gun makes its way into the knapsack of another boy He's headed for school I wait In a land far way... Continue Reading →


as winds change direction so your spirit left me i tried to hold you but you were untethered  you floated free would that i had a time machine to rewind all the years to a time of laughter and lightness... Continue Reading →

Floating lanterns

Japanese Floating Lantern Festival The lantern festival is to mark the end of the festival of the dead. Traditionally these small paper lanterns are set alight at night, and released up to the sky, or set afloat a river /... Continue Reading →


Buffeted by winds Is how her soul feels She's in their bedroom But alone by the sea Is where her spirit flees Not knowing what to do Unable to speak the words Unable to lift This weight in her core... Continue Reading →

I’m A Mummy

I’m a mummy No matter what they say My heart Lurches When I'm asked And, I answer Yes, I'm a mummy But Alice didn't stay My sweet Alice My princess, my best I was still your mummy When I laid you to... Continue Reading →

The Rolling Stone of Pain

This weekend was sad as it was the funeral of a long-lost relative.  I'd had the privilege of having a beautiful conversation with her 2 weeks before she passed. These were my impressions as loved ones-near and far gathered for... Continue Reading →

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