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life’s troubles

A Walk in the Park (Not)

"Life is fair" (they never said) "A walk in the park!" (like they never crowed) "A picnic of strawberries and cream!" (as though they never crooned) And yet for all its anguish life is still precious ..with....every..ragged...breath.. you.. take ¬©Vivian... Continue Reading →


Sansara (The Cycle of Life)

lost in sansara rivers wash away past sins death in retreat ©Vivian Zems Carpe Diem Haiku Kai #1371 Sansara (The Cycle of Life)


It's sharp and Crisp Thats what it is When life tackles you With a drop-kick Fall, you must Can't help but Have to Accept defeat But when you fall Fall on your back- The sight  of the sky Will keep you on... Continue Reading →

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