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Utopian Wishes

Utopia... I think this only exists in those short flashes in life- only captured in moments.  That’s  why we ought to treasure precious moments because there’s always a challenge around the corner. Here’s my take on utopia..... There must be... Continue Reading →


It is only in a place like this where chatter and claps harmonise with rustles, hiccups and crunching gnashers It is only here where roars of laughter can be followed by silent hushes And always..... a buzz sizzles through the... Continue Reading →

What Brings You Joy?

Laughter of children From shrieks to baritone yells Like oak trees they grow From shrieks to baritone yells From toddlers to hulking teens From Mum's hugs to first loves Like oak trees they grow Giving me joy-if you must know... Continue Reading →

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