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Who Will Heal This World?

In a parched world that needs healing You are the shade of clouds that cool the relentless heat You are the expectation of showers that quench the fields’ thirst You are the cedar tree that’s a refuge in the storm... Continue Reading →

What Quarrel?

 “A violent windstorm the night before the solstice Jim Harrison  Solstice Litany   What quarrel has the moon with the sun? What angst has the wind with the ocean? What battle has the land with the sea? We don't know the conversations... Continue Reading →

This is a Stick Up!

(6 word story) Shout: Your money!!?? Scream: Tied up in land!!! The End Copyright © 2017 Vivian Zems All rights reserved

Greener Grass

I longed for the grass  On the other side It called out to me From it  I couldn't hide Time and again I'd steal over there Lie on the grass And bask in the green This was so lovely  Whatever... Continue Reading →

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