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Winter Games

Laughter and snuggles Under warm blankets we dive -playing hide and seek skin to skin cheek to cheek kisses for warmth  The scent of your skin is the only tongue  I care to speak  ©Vivian Zems Real Toads-Scent 


crackling air stolen silken kisses kimono moments ©Vivian Zems Carpe Diem #1365- Silk, MLMM Heeding Haiku with Chèvrefeuille     

Just Chillin’…

(#Acrostic) Relaxing in your embrace Enveloped in your arms Stealing small kisses Telling you that I love you Now for Good Copyright -2017 Vivian Zems  Weekend Writing Prompt #20-Resting

Love Restores

Shadow of a  smile With hollow eyes Hides the pain Of great demise Anguish Oozes Through every pore As he touches her heart So very sore Her smile is shallow Covering a sorrow But come dawn And a new tomorrow... Continue Reading →

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