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The Roaring Kiss

Lying amongst many kisses ..away from shrugs and near misses ..away from pretence or common sense a meeting of lips to end all kisses A kiss that roars and mutes all known sound yet ignites a spark and fires... Continue Reading →

A Love Affair

a wave rises past the edge of sea cliffs kissing a rainbow ©Vivian Zems Rainbows of High Tide coming to sea cliffs the off-shore breeze raises a flower fragrance out of a wave rainbows of high tide arching wind ©... Continue Reading →

Love is a Mystery

  A warm tender kiss Hearts constrict then release Love, maybe or not ©Vivian Zems (#Senryu) Carpe Diem #1318


(Image by Ootuoyevoli) Oh! What bliss is this As I lean in for a kiss He responds readily As I giggle with glee I can't believe He belongs to me He's so easy to know Always goes with the flow... Continue Reading →

Trace Of A Kiss

I sometimes wonder How you're not Torn asunder By the death Of a loved one That leaves You undone The truth is this When you look to the sky And feel a Kiss - just a Trace By the wind... Continue Reading →

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