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Today’s World

In a world where the outer is more relevant than the inner where promises are only as strong as the breath they float on Is it then any wonder that the masses wander - oblivious to the loss of their... Continue Reading →

Voices of Freedom

This poem takes the first letter of each month from January to December. It’s a prayer to use our voices to right all wrongs in the coming year. Just because Freedom is like a Moth that fears no flames And... Continue Reading →

Now You See Me…..

Preamble: So often, I dive into a poem-headlong-having worked out the meaning and the kinks in my head. It's occurred to me that my non-poetic friends might find a preamble useful; giving the poetry some context.  In this piece, I've... Continue Reading →

Demolishing Walls

Forget glass ceilings it’s those concrete walls you need to be concerned about It starts with the walls of the mind which need hacking -setting free the helium mind to the right altitude Then there are walls of fear that... Continue Reading →

Seeding For Change

As seasons change moods in full swing women now arise all lips unsealed as trees grow so women sow seeds of bravery in this world we know with lips unfrozen justice to the fore as sea shells on sea shores... Continue Reading →

I Just Don’t See It…….

  Justice Truth Shall the twain meet? The End Copyright © 2017 Vivian Zems

The Unfair Judge

(Image by Innos01)         They gave him a choice Between Justice and Mercy His word was final But couldn't judge adversely The case was unfairness Of gross crassness Not hint of largesse His word was final But... Continue Reading →

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