Smell The Coffee

Wake Up!


Jilly’s casting bricks


When the duckweed scums The edge of the battered pond He sees eyes that flint, her Hands peeling two ripe plums, All traces of holding back gone. Brush snow from the garden thyme, See how green it loiters there, -like... Continue Reading →

Christmas Magic

Family gathers ’round the Christmas tree, Laden with ornaments and many gifts, Children lean in close, excitedly Wondering what Santa’s workshop brought Readying their voices to shout 'yippee!' Jittery hands peel back layers of wrapping Santa granted their wishes and... Continue Reading →

McCrunchy’s Café

Come on down to McCrunchy’s Café Come on down today! For breakfast you’ll fare the most – an ironic side of bacon, unchallenged eggs over-easy, even some wry toast – one jittery cup of coffee; to-go. Come on down to... Continue Reading →

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