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Her Way

Nerve- muscle- bone and sinew bow in submission Even her shadow keeps a respectful distance as they watch her ink scrawl stories over the  tapestry of  willing skin -spilling its excess…drop unto a hungry page © Vivian Zems Image:... Continue Reading →

Pain-Stained Ink

"I cover my pages with pain-stained ink" - Smiles Under Pillows Swirling colours drip from my full pen -bleeding into the paper -forming words that paint vivid pictures of scenes that are perhaps better off left unseen ....emptying me (and... Continue Reading →

DAY 22 : Ink in Her Veins

Fortune serendipity providence happenstance lady Luck?.......Who knew the twist of fate that kept the dark fog away as she ran forward down a path ......illuminated by the ink in her veins ©Vivian Zems #NaPoWriMo 2019- National Poetry Month Challenge [FORTUNE]... Continue Reading →

Day 12: Ink that Bleeds

The prompt today is this: "write about love for someone who does not know you love them". Well, everyone in my life already knows I love them....I'm boring that way. So, I've used my imagination ....... what else? my pen... Continue Reading →

I Am Words

I am words arranged in patterns of the universe I am letters jigsawed according to the beat of my pulse I am ink sometimes cool and sometimes flaming I am stories and poems to excite you to provoke you to... Continue Reading →

Shifting Sands

Shifting sands counting down my essence Days numbered down to nought just for me So I breathe thanking days with my ink ©Vivian Zems A tricube poem: 3 syllables, 3 lines in 3 stanzas. Real Toads Poetry Pantry #411

About Me

As I was saying...... It’s not in people-pleasing or serving everyone but me It’s not in proving myself while cheating myself out of love of self But it’s in the sweet melody of the ink in my veins pouring from... Continue Reading →

Ink that Flames

She dares anyone to tell her she's 'worthless' - such a constant refrain in her life that for awhile she mistook it for her actual name She now finds salvation in ink that flows -refusing to replace said ink with... Continue Reading →

Papers and Books

    a miracle brings warmth and comfort on paper it flies to rediscover memory made flesh -buried in the ink of books Sealed in breath People alter, people falter but their words never disappear ©Vivian Zems Real Toads- 13... Continue Reading →

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