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Deepest Desire (in the era of Corona)

Let’s take our minds for a walk through leafy-green parks warmed by a thousand suns paying homage to our lungs ...crooning ballad after ballad whilst avoiding the coppers and shutting our eyes to the signs © Vivian Zems #skyloverwordlist-ballad Day... Continue Reading →

A Weaponised Mind

It’s not unusual to carry one’s mind about with them- like a loaded gun let it wander (on occasion) through the doors of imagination watch dreams become the flesh that clothe the dry bones of barren futures,... Continue Reading →

Fifty Shades of “Meh!”

I don't get the furore over the Fifty Shades Trilogy. Everyone's literally got their knickers in a twist trying to get tickets to the cinema for the latest offering! Me, I read the books- and I must say- my imagination... Continue Reading →

She Says- He Says

She says: Of witty mirth and sound humour of  kindness of thoughts not of body- but of mind ignites the furnace of deep desire firing imagination flooding the senses dilating pupils -seizing my attention He says: A figure of note... Continue Reading →

Dream Home

There was a time when the sight of a building such as this, would give me a thrill. What I'd see was ... Finish the story in Tales in Teacups ©Vivian Zems Friday Fictioneers with Rochelle Image by Sandra Cook  


Chitty bang bang But this time with balloons Oh! What it would be   To float over cities Soaring with eagles The stuff of dreams ©Vivian Zems (#Cherita) Lillian is  hosting Tuesday Poetics at dVerse, the virtual pub for poets.  Street art... Continue Reading →

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