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A Sense of Flight (or Fight)

what is the sound of a feeling if it's from harm or healing? what is the taste of a punch if it's not a beverage with lunch? what is the look of an insult if it's from one you no... Continue Reading →

The Final Result

Becoming.... turmoil's finale Hewn from hurt, carved from strife -into a new creation stronger and better ©Vivian Zems (#Shadorma) February Writing Prompt 19/28 ~ Steadfast Turmoil  


How a hand so smooth Can cause so much violence Without a wrinkle ©Vivian Zems Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku #174


(#Tau Ku) It shocks like a taser It cuts It eviscerates- this here tongue Micks-short-form-poetry-challenge #2; prompt- "it"

Pain-killer Power

If I had a super power It would be the power to make Us feel each other's pain Perhaps then we'd refrain From hurting one another Again and again Copyright ©  Vivian Zems

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