Smell The Coffee

Wake Up!




Emotions are the most unreliable of the human instinct - I find. They are fleeting; disappearing into the abyss just as quickly as they arrive. I constantly push them aside... just so I can see clearly. This write is more... Continue Reading →

Beyond Words

  Fear dons the red mask of anger, fooling everyone else but you Shrill night terrors-I valiantly attempt to drown in coffee brew Incipient paralysis-I cover with much mustered swagger Yet I just know that in the same way I... Continue Reading →

I Wait…

A knife makes its way into the pocket of a boy There's trouble in the streets I wait A gun makes its way into the knapsack of another boy He's headed for school I wait In a land far way... Continue Reading →


"stay low, go fast, kill first, die last, one shot, one kill, no luck, all skill" (Unofficial Navy Seal Slogan) I stand at the graveside watching as each person steps forward to throw dirt on the coffin I study each... Continue Reading →

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