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A View from the Heart

“Fear makes for good servants and bravery is fraudulent” ~ Jim Harrison from Vows Your life is your life Your death is yours alone What will you sing of your fear and bravery when you face the great beyond? Will... Continue Reading →

Perfect….is perspective

Lauren and Jack encouraged Rebecca as Lauren clicked away. Rebecca had her back to the beautiful scenery and posed for the camera- flicking her hair provocatively..... Finish the story (Re-named- The Perfect Angle) in Tales in Teacups ©Vivian Zems Friday Fiction... Continue Reading →

Hey, Good-looking!

Picture My hubris I long to Memorize my own face Selfie (An Elfje Poem) Copyright 2017- Vivian Zems Daily post Memorize

Such Hubris

Oh the joy of self-centredness The joy of pure hubris The joy of not thinking of others Oh the joy - to self-obsess But it comes at a price The cost is delusion The price is exclusion The only conclusion... Continue Reading →

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