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I Just Knew

I knew you were beautiful when you said hello and came over to sit next to me We chatted easily and I didn’t feel nervous and you didn't ask of me  questions without answers I knew you were beautiful when... Continue Reading →

The End is Nigh

A woman at a certain age counts her hatched chickens she observes life's horizons  and thinks.."what the dickens?" she draws up her bucket list and starts marking her dreams she develops itchy feet because time has sped up-it seems a... Continue Reading →

Pinches of Positivity

When one door closes another one creaks open dare you to see the beyond?   Positivity with clarity of spirit horizons stretch without pause ©Vivian Zems (#sedoka) January Writing Prompts 7/31


Destiny calling A butterfly emerges Horizons stretched ©Vivian Zems Carpe Diem Haiku Kai #1326 Inspired by Paulo Coelho -'Brida' [...] "She had met people who had lost the glow of being alive because they could no longer fight against loneliness... Continue Reading →

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