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Our Consensus

Is it an aberration that sacrifice and pain are better escorts to destiny than happiness? Is it risqué to bottle toxicity-fermenting it to sweet wine? I gladly join the avant-garde ...turning social norms on their heads Our consensus is this:... Continue Reading →


O heart, prepare!

Passing through life’s clouds that part for me I ready my feet for bravery When words are gone but leave long shadows ….for all to see… my heart skips, and saunters readying herself for victory ©Vivian Zems

The Line

Tracing the line between love and hate Both- so closely knit -not together -neither apart but enough to tickle the finger of fate A line that can only be discerned by a shredded heart -to which scars have added much... Continue Reading →

Day 27: Lothario

When the terrorist of love strikes hearts are too shocked to break ...before they crumble We call this Lothario by a playful name even though cruelty coats that velvet tongue that is so sly as to reach between the bars... Continue Reading →

Purpose and Sacrifice

It was never by their damaged petals nor was it ever from their fallen wings or even the stripes on their backs oh no!..but it was from their hearts we could see .... from the hearts of our heroes and... Continue Reading →


  Mox nix the confident smile -you need a rib spreader to read the etchings on a man’s heart Mox nix all that bravado -you must listen to the woeful silence between his breaths to see one that is lost... Continue Reading →

What if?

What if I helped you build your dreams dusting and feathering them into shape What if I painted your destiny in Caribbean blue with white doves of peace and then..... What if I took a scalpel to this tapestry slicing... Continue Reading →

No, Thank you!

If I wrote a poem as lovely as the mesmerising depth of your eyes and the heady scent of your essence I’d soon be lost in the quick sand of emotions - an ocean from which many return with their... Continue Reading →

Just Us

“Love is raw as freshly cut meat, mean as a beetle on the track of dung” ~ Jim Harrison  from Songs of Unreason   ..and I recall the day we got stuck in that elevator...all those years ago For awhile, we were... Continue Reading →

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