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Haiku Horizons

Promised Land

A seedling grows in the corner of my mind in the promised land ©Vivian Zems Haiku Horizons- Grow

Haiku’s Payment

your souls' sunny smiles as hearts resonate keen words 'tis my payment ©Vivian Zems Haiku Horizons- Pay

Hazy Moon

trifecta over she hides her face in shadow now a hazy glow ©Vivian Zems Frank J. Tassone ~ Hazy Moon, Haiku Horizons~ Moon  

Hello there!

twinkle twinkle watching us from skys above hey,...little star ©Vivian Zems Haiku Horizons ~Star  


Eyes locking slowly base instincts to devour bundle kids to bed ©Vivian Zems Haiku Horizons~Bundle  Image by Hypnotises-Deviant Art

Arabian Nights

Nights over Egypt fresh dunes snake the horizons hush of Arabia ©Vivian Zems (#haiku) Carpe Diem Haiku Kai #1338 Haiku Horizons~ fresh


Snow-tipped mountain tops serenaded by crisp air zen resurrected ©Vivian Zems Haiku Horizons~peace


screams in my head silence in my face zen-state projected ©Vivian Zems Haiku Horizons ~ silence  


Scorched earth Heated passion of flamed tongues Fire ©Vivian Zems Haiku Horizons ~ fire

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