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A View From My Window

Because of a grain of faith (so small - it is unseen) -my eyes flee a grimy past and rove a majestic landscape waiting- just for me I stare in awe through a window of wonders as the future is... Continue Reading →


Watching Moments

This was a relief. Being freed from editing my poetry book to respond to today's prompt; to write about this very moment. Now, what to write?....ok, I've got it. I can't hold onto time- not the present or the past.... Continue Reading →

Back To The Future

Dear Viv, Try not to scream when you read this It's from future-you to present-me Take heed, these words-do not dismiss Pay close attention-so your eyes see In three days you will play the lottery The numbers you use will... Continue Reading →

New Beginnings

New beginnings arrive like dawn leaving yesterday's literary of yore shedding light on (to) day and morrow the gift of do-overs back to the future ahead of myself  ©Vivian Zems (#cherita) Angie hosts Real Toads today and would like us to write... Continue Reading →

Drawing the Line

With a pencil Marking the margins of our lives With a pencil Outstretched corners of our futures What it holds is unknown to us Shades of hopes and dreams lie in wait With a pencil ©Vivian Zems (#Rondolet) December Writing... Continue Reading →

Reverend Zombie

Reverend Zombie Dressed in an eerie costume Using crystal balls Tells me he can see futures About me, he tells me truths So impressed by him I urge him for more insight This wonder, this sage That is when I... Continue Reading →

Love Cycle

(6 Word Story) You're someone's past; You're someone's future.  The End Copyright 2017  Vivian Zems

The Abyss

(Daily post) My future has never been Opaque At least, not as far as I could see I'm so sure, been certain since I was three I've seen shades of hope Shadows of glory Sometimes- a slippery slope But that's... Continue Reading →

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