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Time Passes Differently Here

Where is the sense in making peace with a past that is filled with the dry bones of death? Does it make sense to remain in this land where flesh is no longer and breath has since departed? Even the... Continue Reading →

Being Brave

Fear thinks it’s got one up on me as it scrabbles along the walls of my mind stopping now and then to loom and roar showing me its red cavernous mouth as red as a thousand gaping wounds as crimson... Continue Reading →

A View From My Window

Because of a grain of faith (so small - it is unseen) -my eyes flee a grimy past and rove a majestic landscape waiting- just for me I stare in awe through a window of wonders as the future is... Continue Reading →

Watching Moments

This was a relief. Being freed from editing my poetry book to respond to today's prompt; to write about this very moment. Now, what to write?....ok, I've got it. I can't hold onto time- not the present or the past.... Continue Reading →

Back To The Future

Dear Viv, Try not to scream when you read this It's from future-you to present-me Take heed, these words-do not dismiss Pay close attention-so your eyes see In three days you will play the lottery The numbers you use will... Continue Reading →

New Beginnings

New beginnings arrive like dawn leaving yesterday's literary of yore shedding light on (to) day and morrow the gift of do-overs back to the future ahead of myself  ©Vivian Zems (#cherita) Angie hosts Real Toads today and would like us to write... Continue Reading →

Drawing the Line

With a pencil Marking the margins of our lives With a pencil Outstretched corners of our futures What it holds is unknown to us Shades of hopes and dreams lie in wait With a pencil ©Vivian Zems (#Rondolet) December Writing... Continue Reading →

Reverend Zombie

Reverend Zombie Dressed in an eerie costume Using crystal balls Tells me he can see futures About me, he tells me truths So impressed by him I urge him for more insight This wonder, this sage That is when I... Continue Reading →

Love Cycle

(6 Word Story) You're someone's past; You're someone's future.  The End Copyright 2017  Vivian Zems

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