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My Desire

As I pull on my doubts as if adjusting the hem of my skirt I am sure of only one thing It’s not more money I require It’s not for fame I sing It’s not for more friends to acquire... Continue Reading →

Mine – All Mine

Working long hours Tired as sin  What can he do? Where has he been? He makes time For family and friends  24/7  Always available  Not enough time But time he lends Lauded for his charity Appreciated  For his clarity He's... Continue Reading →

The Good Samaritan 

He never ceased to wonder At the mystery of  Human nature  The sheer Volume of quiet Made the silence complete When at his peak Friends called him to speak Perceived at his lowest Suddenly, they became slowest To Call To... Continue Reading →

Temporary Presence 

(Daily Post) He found life strange sometimes  Strangers became friends Some became family  Some helped him ascend  Others celebrated his expiry Some held him in their heads  Others, in their hearts When the hard times arrived  Some friendships expired Others... Continue Reading →

Measure of My Family

(Daily Post) I was upset a little while ago And I had lost my get-up-and-go Angrily, I picked up the phone Hello mummy, I want to come home I railed at the heavens Shouted till eleven When I was done,... Continue Reading →

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