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Message in a Bottle

She put a message in a Bottle Sent it out to sea The message was about him It's contents only For his eyes to see The message read thus: "Thank you for sharing  Your life with me Thank you for... Continue Reading →

Survive Anger

(Image by Sernylo) (Survive) Anger was ecstatic She'd found a new toy This one was a gem It gave her such joy Her toy was like putty In her hands She made it change All it's well-laid plans She flowed... Continue Reading →

Silence of the Lamb

As silent as a lamb She arrived At the Precipice  Of her life Her silence spoke volumes  In words Would have filled columns The edge was near Her vision was clear She spread her  grown wings  And Soared smoothly into... Continue Reading →

Mind My Own Business

(Daily Post) You may have asked for forgiveness Who knows? It's none of my business You may have asked for Grace Who knows? It's definitely not my place You may have awoken from your reverie with a Jolt Simply assuming  I’d... Continue Reading →

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