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He Had a Dream

Dreamers and prophets prayed for freedom of mankind the fight goes on ©Vivian Zems (#senryu) Frank Tassone Haiku Challenge #16 Photo by Jerónimo Bernot on Unsplash  

What’s going on between the UK, Iran and Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe?

On 3 April 2016, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe (a British-Iranian dual citizen) was arrested at the Imam Khomeini Airport (Iran) as she and daughter were about to board a flight back to the UK after a family holiday. She was sentenced to five years imprisonment for allegedly plotting to... Continue Reading →


(#Tanka) Metaphors cascade Dancing in time with  her soul Seeking an escape Settling on her blog pages Freedom found on fingertips  (C)- Vivian Zems Weekly Tanka Prompt #65- Dancing/Freedom


(#Sedoka) She needs to get back Part of her got left behind It's become trapped in his mind .................... It must be removed A surgeon’s knife might just do Or, a dose of amnesia Copyright 2017- Vivian Zems

Crossing Check-point Charlie (Berlin)

  In the 1980's, I used to visit my brother in Leipzig, East Germany and we'd frequently have to cross the border from East to West Berlin via Check-point Charlie, an Allied post famous for witnessing numerous attempts to escape from... Continue Reading →

Freedom Crunch 

In a room full of egg shells Not knowing how to tread Even one foot forward And a sound will be heard This room full of egg shells Designed to keep her meek Stopping her from getting The treasure she... Continue Reading →

Peace Like No Other

The peace that befalls All mankind -enthralls 'Tis a mystery to behold It cannot be foretold 'Tis a peace that comes With a mind at rest 'Tis a peace that ensures That you're doing your best Don't Meddle with a... Continue Reading →

The Entertainment 

(6 word story) She was used as a time-filler. The End Copyright © 2017 Vivian Zems (image by Kungfueric)

Terrorist or Freedom Fighter?

The battle rages on People taking sides Being put upon To join the fracas To join the tide Relieved to be left alone Only a short respite Despite the fight Right or wrong Weak or strong This battle is of... Continue Reading →

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