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Another 24 Hours

There’s nothing like fiery passion to fuel dreams. It pays to write down your dreams and your goals - constantly revisiting them until a fire is lit. I find it opens the mind’s eye to the bigger picture. There’s nothing... Continue Reading →


The Big Picture

Do you know how to enjoy iced tea thats cools you all the way down to your feet while flames lick at you constantly? It's by seeing the big picture -by focusing on yonder green pastures and celebrating victories before... Continue Reading →

The Fearless

 Blessed are those who’ve been to hell and back -barefoot, they traverse hot coals and still stay on track Blessed are those who’ve been purified by fire -they are observed with glow in their aura -as they cycle through life... Continue Reading →

Summer Lessons

We’ll know as children again all that we are destined to know, that the water is cold and deep, and the sun penetrates only so far” ~ Jim Harrison from Death Again   On those warm sunny days under cerulean skies... Continue Reading →

Throes of Passion

If it doesn't whisper in your dreams waking you up with a racing heart it's not your passion If it doesn't make you burn the midnight oil creating more time out of the ether It's not your passion If it... Continue Reading →

A Letter From Hell

I open the fan inscribed with my sister's writing Many-a-word she has laid bare I read her words for me only - to share "I've been in hell for many a year but don't cry for me don't shed a... Continue Reading →

My Addiction

I'm an addict There! I've said it.. to break it's power over me I apply a tourniquet squeeze tight..... searching..... for my sweet relief From Dickenson to Bukowski words fire their way through my soul I close my eyes losing... Continue Reading →

Fire Within

Who is woman but one on a slow burn gentle in nature with a roaring fire in her soul she's heated with compassion warm in tenderness ignites with desire and combusts if wronged Beware! She is but woman and one... Continue Reading →

The Sceptre of Ibiza

The King of Ibiza regarded this dimunitive woman with disdain. His ministers sniggered as they watched the exchange. Pointing tiresomely to the towering City Sceptre he said, "Only the destruction of my Sceptre will ensure my GO AWAY!" Without... Continue Reading →

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