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Laugh Again

(#Nonet) Catching herself  in a belly laugh Mirth, a thing of memories past Loving this feeling within Because in her past life Save for the odd smile For the most part He made her Feel so Sad Copyright 2017 -... Continue Reading →


To Think is a gift To Feel is a treasure To Reason is human nature But to be Inspired, a seismic shift Shifting into another dimension A dimension only sensed Sensed by your soul Understood by your heart A dimension... Continue Reading →

My Kryptonite

Pleeaase! Nooo! Don't glare Don't come near You're my Kryptonite Leave Me Whole, Just Leave Me Alone!  Copyright 2017  Vivian Zems (A Fibonacci Poem)                   Daily prompt: Glaring

Beware! Forbidden things always……

                         (6 word story) Feel good, Smell good, Taste good. The End Copyright © 2017 Vivian Zems                    

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