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Getting Out Of Bed etc

If I could summarise 2019, it would be as a journey on the high seas with periods of calm interspersed with violent storms. There were days when getting out of bed seemed impossible and yet other days when I charged... Continue Reading →

Tugging Corners In Silent Speak

So, I've been working on (and nearly finished editing) Smiles Under Pillows. This is the part I absolutely detest. Anyhow, I've been struggling with a foreword and have scrapped several ideas; nothing seems to work. So, I decided to turn... Continue Reading →

The Battlefield

I have a theory about our fears; they're always there, always murmuring- they never seem to go away. Sometimes, they whisper..but oft times they shout- especially when we want to take a step forward into the unknown. The battle never... Continue Reading →

The Howl

Ocean me your tears lament me your cares (now.....with head thrown back) howl at the static moon (and then) poem me your fears ©Vivian Zems Real Toads- A Final in Verbs- Nouns, as verbs  in a poem. Day 30  


Dignify my tears By not leaving me tonight Stay, arrest my fears (A Haiku Poem) Copyright 2017-Vivian Zems Daily Prompt Dignify


(Daily Post) He gazes into the distance Wondering at her insistence Her revelation is a shock He tries to take it in stock It’ll be our secret, she says He’s unsure in every way I'm not so sure, he muses-... Continue Reading →

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