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A Sense of Flight (or Fight)

what is the sound of a feeling if it's from harm or healing? what is the taste of a punch if it's not a beverage with lunch? what is the look of an insult if it's from one you no... Continue Reading →

Curious Spirit

  (1) Curious spirit escaping Cloaked in dreams to be free Roaming memory's lane Reading the  knowledge tree (2) Its sojourn is brief Returning home with glee Fulfilled with inspiration Clearing her mind of debris ©Vivian Zems (#Naani) Micropoetry Month... Continue Reading →


(#Tanka) Metaphors cascade Dancing in time with  her soul Seeking an escape Settling on her blog pages Freedom found on fingertips  (C)- Vivian Zems Weekly Tanka Prompt #65- Dancing/Freedom

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