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Keep Her Breathin’

A pregnant world screams as empathy rides through cities buoyed by indignation while ignoring sophistication and savoir faire A heavy world screams as her labour groans cause scales to fall away from blinded eyes unstopping ears along the way An... Continue Reading →

The Seamstress

The seamstress of doom poses provocatively with full-rounded breasts Trust - her enemy while lust is her currency Her machinations woven with the immaculate accuracy of master tailors -disguised as empathy Your pain is her fuel which she uses to... Continue Reading →

The Invisible Man

Everyday, they walked past. Nobody paid attention to the homeless man on the corner. His presence, blended into the dank foliage of autumn..... Finish the story in Tales in Teacups ©Vivian Zems Friday  Fiction with Rochelle

From Friendship

Standing shoulder to shoulder- love grows from friendship brothers and sisters we are -all hewn from friendship compassion's face forms in full glow empathy's gift born and nurtured from friendship hope looms anew when born in acquiescence sorrow's sighs echo... Continue Reading →

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