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Nature’s carpet

(#Elfje) Leaves Of orange Nature’s own carpet Settle on green grass Autumn Copyright 2017-Vivian Zems MLMM Saturday mix # Lucky Dip

Irma and José

(#Elfje) Hurricanes Advance readily Twisting and turning Avoiding us, we sincerely Hope Copyright 2017- Vivian Zems Mick E. Talbot's Elfje Poetry challenge #4


Phone Fingers dart Words provoke chemistry Imagination now added to Text (An Elfje Poem) Copyright 2017- Vivian Zems

Things That Make You Go…….

Joy Bubbles beneath A thin veneer Hearts flutter, blood roars Hmmm.... (An Elfje Poem) Copyright  © 2017 -Vivian Zems

Twice Shy

Money It's become His ultimate weapon If he offers it Run! (An Elfje Poem) Copyright  © 2017 -Vivian Zems


Green Jagged leaves How they sway I stretch to touch Nettle Copyright©2017- Vivian Zems (An Elfje poem) Inspired by Mick E . Talbot and Charmed Chaos12 (Linda Lee Lyberg)  

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