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Heaven’s Ears

When all poets - united- raised their voices as one to the heavens,  God opened his window and shouted, "What's That Racket!?" Gabriel explained about the poets "Oh," God said, shutting his window but not entirely- leaving it cracked open... Continue Reading →

We’re All Ears!

She is the villain in his tale The bad guy, his nemesis From whence does she hail? He knows not her genesis But her name causes emesis Their ears creak with anticipation He has a tale to tell Pray Gather... Continue Reading →

Sense of Touch

(#Haiku) Silkiness of skin Through the eyes of my fingers Seeing  your blood sing (C)-Vivian Zems   Ronovan Writes Weekly #169

Mea Culpa

Let my voice be heard I implored the sky Let my voice be heard Make them listen to my words I dared not be silent My captors wanted me quiet I refused to comply They had no idea why And... Continue Reading →

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