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The Drunk Speak

One, two or five? how many martinis  should I have? How many will it take for this world to obliterate? I swim across the room unsteady and heady The captain of this rolling ship can’t seem to keep steady I... Continue Reading →

Christmas is Coming

Many things have derived good Which have returned Christmas time Anything belonging to it A good time, forgiving Pleasant time Open hearts freely To creatures bound Put gold in my pocket It will do me good  (#Blackout Poetry) Charles Dickens-... Continue Reading →

We’re All Ears!

She is the villain in his tale The bad guy, his nemesis From whence does she hail? He knows not her genesis But her name causes emesis Their ears creak with anticipation He has a tale to tell Pray Gather... Continue Reading →


Trees in autumn Doing a gentle strip-tease Shrugging their branches Showing some skin Shedding gold-tipped leaves Trees in autumn Putting on a show Baring all for us to see Readying for a new cloak Waiting for winter's snow (C)- Vivian... Continue Reading →

A Hope

I hope you find your destiny I hope you achieve your life's dreams While you navigate through  life's streams I hope that life keeps you from harm Ensuring your smile and your charm Reaching a grand old age of calm... Continue Reading →

Pane of Pain

(Steinese with a Dash of Cummings) The window is broken Broken is the window Just a window but a window To where to who to what to me to you A window is a window is a window When not... Continue Reading →

Icy Kisses

(#Haibun) Every year, I look forward to the first frost of winter was some trepidation. The first signs I notice are frost-covered leaves that graze my face on my way to the car; where I'm greeted by a crystallised windscreen.... Continue Reading →

My Fire, My Spirit

Mined in a rainbow of colours My garnet - a picture of me From the rich green Tsavorite The soil of my soul To the bright orange of Mandarin The roaring fire of my spirit My garnet speaks of Friendship,... Continue Reading →

In the Grip of Life

(#Haibun) Poetry to me, is  ethereal. It is a voice - but not that of my mind. It doesn't appear to come from reasoning or deduction, but is an echo of my soul. Time and again I'm drawn to the... Continue Reading →

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