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Morning Observations

It’s 5 AM and the streets are quiet. I park my car by a corner-shop and pause to search for change. Passing me, in a crab-like walk, is a man. His head bobs and lolls as he shuffles down the... Continue Reading →

A Night to Remember

The alarm stirred Paul from deep slumber. Opening one eye groggily, he winced as a shaft of light lanced his eyeball. “Ooooh!” he groaned. His head drummed a steady beat as he wondered exactly how much he’d had to drink.... Continue Reading →

The Drunk Speak

One, two or five? how many martinis  should I have? How many will it take for this world to obliterate? I swim across the room unsteady and heady The captain of this rolling ship can’t seem to keep steady I... Continue Reading →

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