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On the Watch

“Saw a poem float by just beneath the surface ” - Jim Harrison, Songs of Unreason Wait! Watch with me for poems that simmer just beneath the surface of dreams They surface, but for a moment- slowly submerge, then vanish only... Continue Reading →

Niches and Nooks

What, I wonder becomes of he who reaps where he does not sow? is the fruit of his (non) labour sweet? do the juices flow down deep? How, I wonder can such a person sleep? are his dreams of meadows?... Continue Reading →

A Sliver Of Hope

I see a woman approaching us Never mind that this is a dream She seems at ease but slightly lost Our eyes meet or so it may seem Her soul she bares at a great cost I am her, she is me, same team... Continue Reading →

King and I

As I drizzle sticky toffee syrup over my ice-cream, I know it's all going to my middle. More, I say for a huddle and a cuddle All I know is that when the King in my dream knocks on my heart,... Continue Reading →

The Call

I had a dream About the Man from Galilee  He showed up unbidden  Nearly hidden Almost unseen  He said he'd been waiting All this time waiting Just for me I asked for more time There was more to do I... Continue Reading →

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