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Hidden Scars

I was watching a youtube video last week, where the actor Terry Crews was reciting the story of his childhood. I was so shocked at what he was saying that I actually dropped my phone! How did Mr Crews know... Continue Reading →

Between The Lines

“Nearly everything we are taught is false except how to read” ~  Jim Harrison from Songs of Unreason Reading books to fill my time -stories of perfect laughter -tales of action and crime   These fables took me away rocking my... Continue Reading →

This Bouquet 

Domestic Violence Awareness Month occurs during the month of October of every year and is sponsored and managed by the National Network To End Domestic Violence (NNEDV). During this month, many participants wear the color purple as a represnetation of their... Continue Reading →

Keira’s Voice

(Blood Into Ink Writing Prompt Challenge) The scream cut through the quiet night. It was piercing and animalistic. Peter jerked awake. Confused, he scrambled for the bedside light switch,  but Samantha, his wife, had beaten him to it. They both... Continue Reading →

The Other Man

He loved her so But she wasn't his She belonged to another She wasn't his missus Time and again He'd begged her to stay Her bruises and welts She kept from display He wanted to comfort her To heal her... Continue Reading →

Unravel- Jekyll & Hyde

(Daily Post) We really need to know Not when he's putting on a show For everyone else to hear But when he's alone with her And no-one's near Could it really be true? Because this isn't new With an audience,... Continue Reading →

Be Prudent

(Daily Post) When the hate starts to build in your heart And you advance to tear her apart When your control starts to slip away Take a breath..... keep the rage at bay You may not know the cause So... Continue Reading →

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