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Sumptuous and Sweet

In this fight to regain my waistline I eschew all things delicious nibbling on salad stalks crying over porridge sans sugar- sans joy I'm giving up! I just want hard boiled sweets! ¬©Vivian Zems (#Nonet) February Writing Prompts 12/28 Real... Continue Reading →

Butter Brickle

Butter brickle ice cream dripping down my chin toffee flavour kicks in too good to be a dream Fallen at the first hurdle new year resolution beat butter brickle ice-cream has made me a hypocrite Evil butter brickle sweetness get... Continue Reading →

Mediocrity and Milkshakes

This diet will be my death Sipping nasty shakes Holding my breath Bland food, dried beets It's a conspiracy! Where are my sweets?? Striving for thinner hips Eyes squeezed tight Mediocre milkshakes Poised at my lips ¬©Vivian Zems November Writing... Continue Reading →

Mirror, Mirror!

(Twittering Tale) Mirror mirror, am I the prettiest one of all? You wld be if only you'd eat the apple you were given! Apples, not chips! WHAT? Just go on a diet! 140 characters Copyright 2017- Vivian Zems Twittering Tale... Continue Reading →

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