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For many years, I lived in a cloud of darkness. Thankfully, those years are far behind me and I can now speak of them without sadness. In my upcoming book “Living on Ice“, I write of my journey through those... Continue Reading →

The Edge of Reason

“I took a nap and wept for no reason”~ Jim Harrison from Songs of Unreason The battle is always the same  I am the intended prey in this sick game  to be tossed and discarded  -to wear a new label... Continue Reading →

Making New Friends

Mired thoughts Whirring in her mind Cascading Dark abyss Depression her only friend When will it all end? By sheer will Turning her mind off She rallies Fighting back Friendships can come to an end Time to make new ones... Continue Reading →

The Confession

The two men stared at one another.  Greg's words hung in the air. Richard shifted uncomfortably in his seat-he hadn't  been prepared for that. "I feel like a fraud!"Greg cried, tears streaming down his face. "I wake up every morning... Continue Reading →

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