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December writing prompts

Variegated Vessels

Following the course of life Meandering From dawn to twilight With tributaries of fate As variegated vessels Carry life blood To beating hearts As venous networks seen Through translucent skin So life runs its course Changing directions Only by decisions... Continue Reading →

Speckled Candy

Life like speckled candy Always very sweet Speckled with reality Sweet and sour Waves of intense flavour A life to savour ©Vivian Zems (#cherita) December Writing Prompts 12/30  

Oranges aren’t Apples

  I once had a orange That was succulent and sweet It was my own possession It was mine to keep It then became sour And shrivelled As a dead flower So I went to take a bite Of an... Continue Reading →

Swayed and Seduced…(NOT!)

December makes an entrance With a cacophony of TV ads All Christmassy stuff Buy this! Get that! I avoid shopping malls Finding exits where I can I hate shopping anyway So I've got Christmas well in hand The season is... Continue Reading →

Dances With Elves

Santa's arrived A little early this time But what's this I see? No one would believe me! Elves twerking Rudolph's harlem shake Then Santa himself Doing the bump-and-grind! ©Vivian Zems December Writing Prompts 9/31 Image: courtesy of

Perfectly Imperfect

  A veritable cornucopia of smiles Flitting across your face Each one holds me With eternal grace The happy and fearful ones I've come to adore The perplexed and suspicious ones Abrasions to my core The only smile On your... Continue Reading →

Dingle Berries

The pointing of fingers All pointed at him Says more about them Than it does about him Look! They cry Craning necks to see Guilty they say While skeletons in cupboards Are quietly hidden  Away Dingle berries they are -The... Continue Reading →

Conspicuous Coincidences

As sure as day follows night As sure as seasons change So our hellos Follow our goodbyes Without reason Without asking why ©Vivian Zems Inspired by Heart of Stone on Pinterest December Writing Prompts 6/31

Tales of Tinsel

This vibrant tree Wearing tinsel as apparel This vibrant tree Adorned to a T Fully dressed but still natural Glowing with lights ethereal This vibrant tree ©Vivian Zems (#Rondolet) December Writing Prompts 5/31

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