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Better Than Us

There is no falsehood to be found within a fire -neither is there deceit clutched in the beaks of eagles One is too busy in its roar The other, too focused on its soar That is not murder in the... Continue Reading →

Throne of Lies

You sit on your throne surrounded by admirers who hang onto every droplet of spit from your mouth .....unaware of the poison in them They drink greedily -as you slowly kill them with your lies They die bowing to you... Continue Reading →

The Seamstress

The seamstress of doom poses provocatively with full-rounded breasts Trust - her enemy while lust is her currency Her machinations woven with the immaculate accuracy of master tailors -disguised as empathy Your pain is her fuel which she uses to... Continue Reading →

Caveat Emptor 

He bought the dream The promise of worship Enticed by her charm Her promise To do no harm Perfection in her nature Synchronized with  her stature Like a lamb to the slaughter He revelled in her banter She was Too... Continue Reading →

Hey Siri! (#1)

(6 word story) Siri, change Peter's name to Becky. The End Copyright © 2017 Vivian Zems (Image by DeoxyCatalyst)

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