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Have you sown your wild oats? are you distinguished in anguish? drunk from betrayal's cup? becoming expert at forgiveness? are you poetic of spirit? with fire in your soul? One such as this, a connoisseur of life is a worthy... Continue Reading →

Dating In The Dark

I cannot rest when the moon is full, it’s wintery presence keeps me wakeful. That's why I told Keith I'd meet him in the theatre parking lot at this ungodly hour. I'd never met him before-well-not in person. But when this... Continue Reading →

Judging Covers

  Mark smiled at Paula across the corridor. She smiled back shyly. They'd both enjoyed dinner last night. This was the first time in a long while he'd clicked with someone. Tonight, they were going to the theatre after work.... Continue Reading →

Man At the End Of A Mouse

Click, click, click! The modern woman clicks away She needs a date Someone who'll come out to play The mouse hovers and poises As the woman makes choices Organized for the day, Decision made Mouse put away Text arrives Tall... Continue Reading →

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