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Day 3: Just Notes

My feet offer no resistance neither do my limbs protest My ears begin their dance as my heart thumps at its behest My soul hums along as notes wash over me That's music- my friend as it was always meant... Continue Reading →

Killing Curiosity

Jerry jiggles and twerks "Hey look!" Tom ponders his next metaphor ¬©Vivian Zems (#Tau Ku) November Writing Prompts    

Rainbow Wishes

When in the dark I wish for stars When in a storm I wish for a rainbow With more wishes to come I see strength In my scars And in the shade At a glance Just by chance I catch... Continue Reading →

Just Like This

Swaying We move Bodies so close Moving just like this Dance Copyright 2017- Vivian Zems (#Elfje) Mick E Talbot Elfje Poetry Challenge #3- Dance

Bust A Move!

I always listen out for A song That makes me Caper Across the dance floor I want to parkour But the kids say I'm too old Likely to get hurt and be sore So I settle for a head-bop To... Continue Reading →

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